Grace Lutheran Preschool
Grace Lutheran Preschool



Each of our classrooms include parts of the curriculum explained below at various levels. For younger children the goal is to introduce them to concepts and skills that will continue to be developed as they move through older classrooms. Each part of our curriculum is focused on the preparation of your child for kindergarten and for their healthy development and reaching of milestones. We hope to help each child begin their journey to self discovery and to help nurture their spirit, curiosity and love of learning. The curriculum for each of our classes is aligned with California state standards for preschool education.


Circle Time

  • Circle Time is a part of each day that is engineered to help children of all ages learn how to focus and to engage in the auditory learning process.

  • In younger ages Circle Time includes calendars and days of the week which help children begin to associate with their relationship to time.

  • Circle Time for all ages includes story telling.

  • Monthly themes will include colors, shapes, letters, numbers, writing, and Bible verses, with variations depending on the classroom.

Faith development

  • There is time set aside each day for Bible stories, prayer, and learning about the fruit of the spirit. We consider these faith building activities and we incorporate themes such as kindness, patience, generosity and forgiveness.

  • Each class has a weekly chapel with a variety of experiences ranging from in classroom for younger students to joining the school Chapel for older students.


  • As a benefit of our small class sizes, each of our classes has a continuous focus on the individual growth of each child. We understand that children each develop at their unique pace and that the introduction to a school environment can be a wholly new experience. We strive to meet each child where they are at and to work with them to gain the skills and confidence they need to reach their goals.


  • We have two large yards with a variety of environments for children to explore.

  • We have a dedicated “Loose Parts Area” that fosters creativity, imagination and the exploration of different textures and materials.

  • Our garden is a Certified Wildlife Habitat with specially selected variety plants that support the lifecycle of the monarch butterfly.


  • We coordinate both free art experiences and structured learning opportunities.

  • Free Art activities allow children to exercise their imagination and to explore their own artistic boundaries. This includes exposure to open ended materials which helps encourage students to create new solutions.

  • Structured Art activities incorporate language and math and are built to reinforce classroom learning.